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Zi Chou Separation?

It has been quite a while since I talk about bazi. So, I decided to write something that I thought can provide a fresh perspective for those who are into bazi.

Do you find it strange that if I say Zi and Chou (rat and ox earthly branches) are not combination but separation?

Am I talking nonsense?

I thought my bazi teacher and almost all bazi books mention that zi and chou are one of the 6 combinations? You may instinctively ask.

Zi Chou can actually be perceived as a sign of separation after coming together. 先合后分的现象。


For a very simple reason, it is a countering relationship of earth and water in the hidden stem.

Therefore, zi chou in spouse palace is not something blissful and sentimental that one always think so.

There are more of such things in bazi. I call it false image.