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Qi Men rejects this Sydney Property!

Recently I have received a message from a client, saying:

‘I have found a property which I ticks all the boxes. Should I buy it?’

Previously he has mentioned that he’s looking for an upmarket property to invest in, and maybe to move into it with his wife when he retires. So, the focus of this divination will be on two questions:

  1. Whether this is a good investment?
  2. Whether this is a good property for him to live in?

I have plotted the chart of the moment at the time when the question was asked.

For this type of divination, we need to assess only a couple of points.

Firstly, we’re looking at Yong Shen 用神 for property Wu 戊.

Secondly, we’re looking at Yong Shen signifying the person. In this case, the person is represented by Heavenly Stem Ji 己.

The final conclusion will be based on how the property relates to the person in terms of whether there is a benefit from buying it.

The chart is Fu Yin doors. Our Yong Shen for the property Wu is located in Qian 乾. This palace is in Void, which reduces its capacity significantly. The components in this palace are follows:

Open, Tie, Chief, Purple White Star #1 and the stem combination is Wu & Gui 戊癸.

Let us analyze the components one by one.

Open – this is a symbol carrying the notion of power and status, as it relates to Qian trigram. It represents all things which may leave a good impression. As they said in good old days, it represents all the things which Emperor likes. In our case, it may represent a building in upmarket location.

Tie – relates to Earth element and Kun 坤trigram.  It is Yin in nature, and in this palace it is prosperous.

It is also known as Sickness star. In the context of this case study, it indicates that the building may have construction faults, problems with the facilities or issues relating to communication. It may have problems with lifts.  It may also indicate the poor quality building materials, or lack of maintenance.

Chief is the most auspicious Deity, and we can assume that there must be a good feel to the property which my client likes so much.

It may also signify the help of the assistants. The client has mentioned that he found the real estate agents were particularly helpful and knowledgeable.

However, the way Chief in Qian (Metal) controls the person Ji in Zhen (Wood). This could mean that the agents may well be pleasant, however they are not supportive of the buyer. On the contrary, they manipulate the buyer into purchasing the property.

The presence of Hidden Deity Moon, Yin Metal, points to something elegant. It may also represent something which is being concealed. The Moon Deity relates to Yin Qi of the building, and we may well imagine that there must be some areas in or under the building, which are dark, cold or humid.

Wu Gui is Mountain standing on Water. This stem combination Wu Gui may indicate that the building is not structurally stable, or it is built on the underground current.

These two stems combine into Fire element. The Fire in this palace is an invisible force producing the star of sickness.

Finally, the PWS#1 drains the Qian palace. Whenever Qian palace is being drained, it is an indication of something being strong on the outside but gradually getting weak on the inside. This is a clear indication of the building deterioration.

The building controls the person.


I have advised my client against purchasing this property. Although it may appear beautiful, there is a strong indication of structural issues and/or water damage. Since the damage is concealed, the potential cost of repairs cannot be estimated. The quality of building materials may have been compromised.

Hence, this cannot be a sound investment.

The hidden Fire producing Earth gives an indication that there is a cluster of mobile phone towers on the roof of the building. This is a potential health risk and this is another reason why I believe that my client should not live there.

After having finished the divination session, I have decided to drive to the property for checking its Feng Shui. I went to the car, punched the address into the Google Maps and was able to see the building. Here it is.

The building was indeed located in a prominent position. It was the tallest building in the surrounding area. The landforms did not support it. The were numerous mobile phone towers on the roof clearly visible.

I have called the client to share my thoughts.

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