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Death and Emptiness – The Inescapable Void of your Destiny

Kong Wang (空亡) is literally translated as Emptiness and Death.

But many practitioners are used to calling it the other way round – Death and Emptiness (D&E).

For some people, they used the word “Void” instead. D&E is a common concept found in many systems of Chinese Metaphysics. I will illustrate a few simple examples in subsequent paragraphs.

One probably first comes across this term when he or she begins the study in Bazi.

Your D&E stars can be calculated based on your Day Pillar and they are made up by 2 earthly branches. Usually, if you find a D&E star in your Year Pillar, chances are your affinity with parents is lesser (due to their busy work schedule or you are taken care by your grandparent) or you tend to fall sick easily.

In the study of Qi Men Dun Jia, D&E is usually applied in divination reading (not in Art of War application) and can be deduced from the hour pillar. In Dao Jia Yin Pan Qi Men and Qi Men Feng Shui, this star is known as one of the 4 Harms (四害). In order to cure it so that your current challenges will be dissolved, it involves checking the position of D&E in the QMDJ chart and then tackling the issue from the internal house environment. Sometimes, we use talisman to fix the problem at the affected sector of your home.

King Wen Yi Jing divination system also focuses a lot on the use of D&E that falls on the yao to determine if the outcome of an event is “gone case”. If it is a fake D&E, and you are predicting when your parcel from Shopee will arrive, the filling up of void is the day your item will be delivered – after a long delay.

Last but not least, I am more worried if your house feng shui is confronted with D&E. Based on my experiences as a practitioner, 9 out of 10 cases of Kong Wang, especially when the main door is affected, the occupants inside the house will suffer from problems like divorce, advance health issue, heavily in debt and even disturbed by entities.

If you do not believe, go and ask all my Urban City Feng Shui graduates. They have been there, done that.

Is there a cure? It depends. Feng Shui is not a panacea. If the occupant is already suffering from advance stage diseases, we can only use feng shui to let them have a better quality of life – unless you wish to leverage on Life Burial, the ultimate solution using the help of landform feng shui.

So, the often-asked question is, “Is Death and Emptiness really very bad?”

I would only say I am more afraid of D&E in feng shui context.

I ever popped that same question many years ago to a very established Taiwanese Bazi master when we were having a chat.

His reply. “Who cares about Kong Wang? It is just like another symbolic star in your bazi.”
I kinda agree with that.

You see, todate, I have done more than 10,000 bazi readings and checking how Kong Wang affects one destiny is part of my research. Well, the verdict is, having Kong Wang does not stop you from being rich and successful, having a loving husband and even leading a healthy life.

Depending on which pillar it falls onto, it just forms a little void during that stage of your life.
Do you need to literally go and cure Kong Wang in your bazi?

My view is, Kong Wang is akin to a glass half-filled or maybe a glass of coke without ice. Well, it is always good to have it more complete.

But today if nobody actually tells you about Kong Wang in your chart, you are still you! Life is as per normal.

It is not going to ruin you. There are other more important things in your bazi to look at – like the arrival of 10-God in your luck cycles and annual cycles and how they interact with your 4 Pillars.

And before I end, will you be relieved and delighted to know that there is a saying D&E can “empty away” the negative effects of that undesirable earthly branch of yours?

Haven’t you heard this before?

We will discuss more next time. Take care guys.