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    Your 2019 Qi Men I-Ching wants you to Break Some Rules

    (Article written by Dr Anna Zarasyan – Qi Men Dun Jia Divination Teacher) The Year of the Earth Pig 己 亥, is going to be a very special one. It is the year of the major transition. Let us imagine, how 己 Ji (Yin Earth) and 亥 Hai (Yin Water) look like, when these two […]

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    A Piggyback View through the Mystical Door of 2019

    (Article written by Dr Anna Zarasyan – Qi Men Dun Jia Divination Teacher) The month of the Ox will soon be over, and the preparations for the Chinese New Year are in a full swing. We are almost there! On the 4th of February we will be celebrating the Lunar New Year welcoming the year […]

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    Locating Your Wealth Corners on Faces and Houses Seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia

    Our special 2018 Cai Wei program or also known as Wealth Sectors Class for Novices is so popular that we have brought it to Jakarta and share it with our new students there. During the one day seminar, we have also included a very interesting topic on building your Wealth via Face Reading which is […]

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    Where is the Pitfall in Malcolm Turnbull’s Qi Men Dun Jia Destiny Chart?

    (Article written by Dr Anna Zarasyan – Qi Men Dun Jia Divination Teacher) In the last five years Australia had five Prime Ministers. No, we never get bored down under. Today our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has resigned. He has come to power in 2015 Yi Wei as a result of a leadership spill. Like […]

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    Qi Men Dun Jia Exposes the Ugly Secrets of Sex, Lies and Hypocrite in 3 Steps

    (Article written by Dr Anna Zarasyan – Qi Men Dun Jia Divination Teacher) In every Qi Men Dun Jia chart there is an infinite number of answers and scenarios. A job of the practitioner is to extract the answers which our clients seek. Sometimes these answers are hidden quite deeply. If under normal circumstances looking […]

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    The 6th Pillar of Destiny

    I am not sure about you, but I am seeing and hearing more about distant relatives and friends’ relatives passing on at early 60s. Also, senior acquaintances surrounding me are struck with terminal disease at the age when they are just about to withdraw part of their Central Provident Fund after decades of hard work. […]

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    “38为朋.” 3 and 8 are supposedly friends – that is what He Tu says. If we view it from Trigrams and 5-element perspective, 3 is Zhen and 8 is Gen trigram. 3 is Wood and 8 is Earth. Wood counters Earth. Hence, Zhen counters Gen. So, Eldest son counters Youngest son. The logic is purely […]

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    The Old Man and the Dark Qi

    This is a case extracted from the I Ching classic to demonstrate how prediction was done using the Plum Blossom divination method. Let me now share with you. On a Ji Chou day, Mao hour, the Master was strolling on the street when he suddenly saw an old man coming from the Southeast direction. The […]

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    Tell me Vedic, What’s my Lucky Car?

    Assuming Donald Trump calls me up and say, “Can you tell me which car shall I drive from now on to make me lucky? And what will be the lucky colour for the car? ” Since Mr Trump is a super wealthy man who can easily afford any car he wants, I will recommend him […]

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    Will I buy a Lemon, Dear i-Ching?

      You are thinking of buying a used continental car made in Germany and you combed through the Singapore famous car website that advertises dozens of them. “Accident-free!” “Pristine condition.” “ Low mileage. ” “Driven by Doctor.” How much can you trust some of the car dealers or the description that they have put up? No one […]

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    Comparison between Xuan Kong Liu Fa and Flying Stars

    I often get this question from students. As a teacher that practises and teaches both subjects, I hope to offer some insights on them. To begin with, both are independent systems but come under the same Xuan Kong umbrella. You can learn Liu Fa without knowing Flying Stars and vice versa. There is no direct […]

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    Qi Men Dun Jia – The Panacea for Bad Luck

      Imagine you have been jobless for months and one day you received a call from the HR department of an MNC to go for an interview at the timing showed here. The HR Executive told you the CEO has got only this time slot to meet you. The little Feng Shui and Bazi knowledge […]

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