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qmdj panacea

Qi Men Dun Jia – The Panacea for Bad Luck

  Imagine you have been jobless for months and one day you received a call from the HR department of an MNC to go for an interview at the timing showed here. The HR Executive told you the CEO has got only this time slot to meet you. The little Feng Shui...

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What's in Your BaZi to be Successful? (My Tribute to Mr J.S)

Based on his sturdy physique, his charming good look and that inner confidence that quietly exudes from his boyish demeanour, I would very much like to think that he fits aptly into the persona of Leo Ascendant. Not forgetting that he stands tall at about 1.83 metres and his presence has never been easily missed wherever he goes. He is...

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boss luck

The Boss that Slave-drives

Sally (not the real name) came to see me for Bazi consult recently. She holds a senior position in a MNC and is feeling rather troubled because of her new boss. Her new boss seems to pick on her even though she is always known to be capable and conscientious...

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Talisman Design Handphone Cover for iPhone 6

為何學習符咒? (What's the Benefit of Learning Talisman and Chart)

符咒乃道法裡頭一個不可或缺的元素。上至神明降乩,法師開壇等都會有使用符令的時候。符令就如同與上天溝通的文件,一份正式的文件要生效,必有其步驟,就像在公司或政府單位,一份文件要生效,要跑流程,最後要主管人員蓋章或簽名才能使文件生效一樣。 當然每個流派在開符/勅符方面或許有不同的步驟或方式,其實就像公司或政府裡頭不同的單位,也會有不同的文件處理流程及方式一樣,到最後其實只要文件能生效就好,至於其中的演繹方式各有巧妙不同,沒有什麼高低強弱之分,也沒有說哪個流派一定比較好。 學習符咒的出發點每個人不同,如果你對道法有興趣,但又暫時無法用太多的精神與時間來練習繁複的科儀,或甚至入道教門下,那或許可以先從符咒這裡先瞭解,若有興趣再往更深入的道教科儀循序漸進也不失為一種方式。 如果你是基於對道教的神秘面感興趣,又多數是從口耳相傳或媒體上面獲得不夠全面的資訊,那來學習這門課程,主要是瞭解一些正向的觀念,明瞭符咒的基本元素,可讓自己不被錯誤觀念所影響,而誤信或誤用符咒,浪費金錢不要緊,還可能惹禍上身。此外,學習一些基本的符咒,若運用得宜,護身護家也可不求人。 如果你有學習命理五術,是否有碰過無「法」可解的問題呢?這「法」就需從道法上去配合,「術」與「法」是相輔相成的,一個是找出問題,一個是解決問題,但往往懂「術」者不習「法」,習「法」者不懂「術」。所以找出問題解決不了,或者是拼命想解決問題卻找不出問題的點在哪裡。「符咒」也是道法的一部份,有時候針對問題使用相對的符咒,在天時地利的配合下,也能得到意想不到的轉化。另外,也如前所述,可先從符咒瞭解起,若真有興趣接觸完整的道教科儀再循序漸進,如此「法」與「術」並行,更可助人無數。 About our Taoist Teacher from Taiwan 林家驊老師 [自幼跟隨父親 林志縈 大師 學習紫微斗數、子平八字、占星、奇門遁甲、姓名學、風水堪輿之術。有感術數需配合法門,方能幫助更多客戶解決問題。故拜入中國道教淨明宗閭山派玄易門下,法名林易禪。在2007年經六十四代張天師:張源先大法師保舉奏職入萬法宗壇為法師。迄今已將近10個年頭,現為茲心閣開運會館駐館老師。] 符咒課程大綱 [Course Outline] 26 & 27 Nov 2016 in Singapore: 簡述道教源起 介紹符籙派 書寫符籙前的準備品項 書寫符籙的禁忌與戒律 符籙的組成要件介紹 符籙的基本要件之變化 書寫符籙前的準備動作 書寫符籙時的基本咒語 書寫符籙完成後的注意事項 勅符的秘訣與動作 施符之用法與時刻 基本符籙的介紹 符籙用途:淨化/護身/考試/化煞/開運…等等。 Email us at academy@destinyasia.com.sg for more info on course fee and registration. [caption id="attachment_2022" align="alignleft" width="720"]...

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  • “My romance luck has improved after the fengshui activitation and we also strike 4D within the month of activation. I would recommend Jo’s service to my friends.”
    Jessie Tay, Singapore
    Staying in Seng Kang
  • “I do not believe in Fengshui in the past but was highly recommended by my relatives to know Master Jo. There are significant different after Jo has helped to arrange the sitting position in my office. My sales revenue has increased tremendously and highly appreciated by my bosses.”
    Jackson Tan, Singapore
    Business Development Manager
    MNC Company
  • “Master Ching has given invaluable advice and directions when i had to make some difficult decisions. He was spot-on with my character and personal events, simply by looking at my chart.”
    Goh Inn Inn, Singapore
  • “Patience, readily listen to my questions, practical suggestions which are logical and not superstitious. Never prompt me to buy fenghshui accessories, straight forward. After Jo Ching implemented his fengshui solution at my previous house, I got the condo unit I want on the next day! The chance of getting that ONE condo was almost impossible.After moving in to my new condo which was fengshui-ed by Jo, my daughter’s health has improved.”
    Dionne Tan, Singapore
    Resident of Casa Merah Condominium
  • “With a sound and strategic plan by Jo’s analytical fengshui, I could see improvement in my family lifestyle. My business has also experienced a 2-fold jump. With the implementation of Classical Fengshui solution, one is able to witness plentiful of harvest and good results in time to come.”
    K K Ong, Singapore
    Abwin Pte Ltd
  • “Jo Ching is a very professional fengshui consultant. No hocus pocus stuff, and he provides very down to earth analysis and solutions. Not just results oriented, Jo would also take into account business and personal considerations and thus provide fengshui solutions that best fit into current situation.”
    Chris Low, Singapore
    VHKS Pte Ltd
  • “I have consulted other fengshui master prior to consulting Jo and was always told that something would go wrong for the upcoming year and need to buy expensive Fengshui items to be place somewhere at home or in office. As for Jo, he is always good with giving sound advices and a peace of mind. I consulted him when when I shifted office last year and my sales increase with simply an adjustment of office layout to the ideal position. Thank you Jo!”
    Elaine Lau, Singapore
    The New Age Parents
  • “Before I engage Master Jo Ching, I consulted other Feng Shui master in Singapore and were requested to buy a lot of items for our office fengshui placement. There wasn’t much improvement until I consulted Master Jo Ching. It was amazing because he did not request us to buy any item at all and yet our business sales went up consistently by 120%. I had then referred many other business owners to him whom later also provide similar positive outcome after the consultation. I greatly recommend him for his professional service.”
    Kevin Foong, Singapore
    HostSG – www.hostsg.com