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blind year

2016 is a Blind Year? No, it is Blind Faith.

  “2016 is a Blind Year. It is inauspicious to get married and if you do so, you will become a widow.” What a sweeping statement. And the most astonishing thing is that those words would come from veteran practitioners who claim to be wedding date selection expert for...

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vedic llifestyle

Vedic Astrology - The Universe Reveals All

    If you ask me what is the highest level of destiny analysis and forecasting system, I would proudly say astrology. It was one of my aspirations to acquire the knowledge as a Feng Shui practitioner many years back. The Sun, the moon and the planets in our...

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He loves me? He loves me not?

You got smitten by this suave colleague of yours. Despite his good look that has made you gone head over heels, he has been caring towards you in office. You wonder if he really does carry a torch for you or the feeling is just unilateral. You can’t possibly ask another colleague to ask him about his intent towards you...

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Digging your Own Grave to Prosperity – By Jo Ching

To dig one’s own grave is an English idiom that implies that one is to do something that will cause hurt to him- or herself in the future usually due to a foolish act. Not really the case if today we were to apply this in feng shui context. If you are able to find a good fengshui spot, dig...

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  • “My romance luck has improved after the fengshui activitation and we also strike 4D within the month of activation. I would recommend Jo’s service to my friends.”
    Jessie Tay, Singapore
    Staying in Seng Kang
  • “I do not believe in Fengshui in the past but was highly recommended by my relatives to know Master Jo. There are significant different after Jo has helped to arrange the sitting position in my office. My sales revenue has increased tremendously and highly appreciated by my bosses.”
    Jackson Tan, Singapore
    Business Development Manager
    MNC Company
  • “Master Ching has given invaluable advice and directions when i had to make some difficult decisions. He was spot-on with my character and personal events, simply by looking at my chart.”
    Goh Inn Inn, Singapore
  • “Patience, readily listen to my questions, practical suggestions which are logical and not superstitious. Never prompt me to buy fenghshui accessories, straight forward. After Jo Ching implemented his fengshui solution at my previous house, I got the condo unit I want on the next day! The chance of getting that ONE condo was almost impossible.After moving in to my new condo which was fengshui-ed by Jo, my daughter’s health has improved.”
    Dionne Tan, Singapore
    Resident of Casa Merah Condominium
  • “With a sound and strategic plan by Jo’s analytical fengshui, I could see improvement in my family lifestyle. My business has also experienced a 2-fold jump. With the implementation of Classical Fengshui solution, one is able to witness plentiful of harvest and good results in time to come.”
    K K Ong, Singapore
    Abwin Pte Ltd
  • “Jo Ching is a very professional fengshui consultant. No hocus pocus stuff, and he provides very down to earth analysis and solutions. Not just results oriented, Jo would also take into account business and personal considerations and thus provide fengshui solutions that best fit into current situation.”
    Chris Low, Singapore
    VHKS Pte Ltd
  • “I have consulted other fengshui master prior to consulting Jo and was always told that something would go wrong for the upcoming year and need to buy expensive Fengshui items to be place somewhere at home or in office. As for Jo, he is always good with giving sound advices and a peace of mind. I consulted him when when I shifted office last year and my sales increase with simply an adjustment of office layout to the ideal position. Thank you Jo!”
    Elaine Lau, Singapore
    The New Age Parents
  • “Before I engage Master Jo Ching, I consulted other Feng Shui master in Singapore and were requested to buy a lot of items for our office fengshui placement. There wasn’t much improvement until I consulted Master Jo Ching. It was amazing because he did not request us to buy any item at all and yet our business sales went up consistently by 120%. I had then referred many other business owners to him whom later also provide similar positive outcome after the consultation. I greatly recommend him for his professional service.”
    Kevin Foong, Singapore
    HostSG – www.hostsg.com